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Mary Kay Micellar Water

Mary Kay Micellar Water


Mary Kay® Micellar Water

Give skin an in-a-rush refresh without any need for a sink. Remove makeup and other impurities with this micellar water — a formula that gently, yet effectively, cleanses. Whether you’re facing a hectic morning or need a quick freshening up, you can remove impurities with just a few quick swipes of a cotton pad — meaning there’s absolutely no excuse for not cleansing your skin. When you need to take cleansing a step further, reach for this micellar water as the first step in your double-cleansing routine. Now you can take a portable and versatile approach to cleansing your skin even when you don’t have water nearby!


  • What Is Micellar Water?

    Micellar water is a convenient way to cleanse your skin. The formula is made with purified water and low concentrations of mild surfactants that group together forming tiny spheres called micelles. Micelles act like magnets to attract impurities and buildup away from your skin.Formula AttributesNo need to rinse.Gentle yet effective.Versatile way to cleanse skin.

  • Key Benefits


    Removes impurities.

    Gently cleanses skin.

    Leaves skin hydrated.

    No harsh rubbing required.

    Helps break down face makeup.

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